About Us

2SAFE’s mission is to solve client’s environmental problems in the most cost-effective way. We provide professional training that fulfills regulatory requirements and can actually increase the employee’s knowledge base and help avoid accidents.

Why Choose 2SAFE Consulting?

Expert Guidance: Backed by extensive experience, our team of safety experts possesses a deep understanding of industry regulations and best practices. We provide insights that matter, helping you navigate complex safety landscapes with confidence.

Worldwide Coverage: With a presence spanning the globe, we are ready to serve businesses, regardless of their location. Whether you operate regionally or have a diverse range of facilities worldwide, our services are tailored to meet your specific requirements.

Thorough Assessments: Our safety audits leave no stone unturned. We meticulously evaluate your processes, facilities, and protocols to pinpoint potential hazards, vulnerabilities, and areas of non-compliance. Our comprehensive reports deliver actionable recommendations to bolster your safety measures.

Customized Solutions: We recognize that every organization is unique. Our approach is adaptable and tailored to align with your industry nuances, goals, and corporate culture, ensuring seamless integration of our recommendations.

Collaborative Partnership: We believe in working hand-in-hand with your team. By understanding your challenges and aspirations, we foster a partnership built on trust and open dialogue, ensuring our solutions resonate with your organizational vision.

Proven Track Record: Numerous organizations have experienced the positive impact of our safety audits. By mitigating risks, they've witnessed reduced incidents, heightened regulatory adherence, and an enhanced reputation for safety excellence. 


Our Founder


Kristen has 20+ years of professional experience in the environmental health and safety field. With a background in geology and environmental management, he has worked on numerous EPA Superfund sites and emergency hazardous material spill cleanup sites. He has worked hand in hand with OSHA regulators on situations from order on consent to training exercises. He has completed hundreds of Environmental Phase I and Phase II site assessments throughout the United States. Kristen is accountable for any environmental health and safety issues that face our clients. He has extensive knowledge in OSHA regulations, asbestos, lead and mold projects, hazardous waste disposal, and medical waste disposal.

Furthermore, Kristen is consistently consulted on clients’ safety and environmental issues relating to the general counsel, real estate, insurance, budgeting, and construction projects in addition to normal operation and maintenance activities at a facility. Kristen is also utilizing his real-world expertise to conduct classes as a professor in the Environmental Technology and Energy Management Masters Programs at NYIT. He is 2SAFE’s Principal Trainer in EPA and OSHA regulations, is an OSHA Authorized Trainer, and has completed 100’s of HAZWOPER classes and 1000’s of OSHA safety training classes. He is a Certified Class A/B Operator under the NYSDEC Petroleum Bulk Storage Program and a Certified Safety Consultant under the NYSDOL Code Rule 59 and 60 Work Place Safety Program.

He is the Past President for the Long Island Chapter of the American Society of Safety Engineers and is an active member of AIHA, CSHEMA, SEHSA. He is a Certified Safety Professional (CSP) and Chemical Hygiene Officer. Kristen currently serves on NYIT, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, Stony Brook University, and Sartorius Stedim North America Inc.’s International Biosafety Committees.

Our Staff

2SAFE’s top-notch employees are all leaders with experience in the environmental field, comprised of consulting, training, and contracting experience. Specifically, we have experience in:

Our employees consist of: